Corn can be confusing.

My husband loves corn muffins and corn bread.  In fact he likes anything corn. He’s not big on the vegetables in general.  We often debate about whether or not corn is a vegetable at all.  I say it’s not and even if it is, it’s largely indigestible and loaded with sugars.  And therefore, he can’t count it as a serving of veggies in his diet. He says, “Well, what is it, then?”  A grain. . . I think.

So, I did some looking to find out.  This article from the New York Times says, yes, it is, a grain (duh) and offers some explanation about how our produce gets categorized one way or the other:  Continue Reading

Wheat-free, but still yummy!

There’s lots of folks in the world who can’t handle gluten. For whatever reason their bodies just can’t deal with it. These folks are lucky that they live in a time where we have lots of resources for eating gluten-free. There are some great recipes out there, and I have one here that comes to you from I’m a big fan of Bob’s products and often buy the spelt flour when I hit the market. It’s great for mixing with whole wheat or white flour if you want a healthy kick to something you are baking. Continue Reading

Tricks of the Muffin Trade

Let’s continue the week’s topic with some muffin basics—things you need to know to succeed in the muffin-making world.

First, how to make nice, high-domed muffins like the ones at your favorite bakery—it’s easy. Most recipes call for your muffin tin to be 2/3 full, which is just not going to suffice. Fill it to nearly full instead. If you end up with empty tins, just fill them half full with water before baking. You also want to kick the heat up a bit. Yes, it’s controversial. Most recipes call for a 350 oven or 375, but if you set it to 425 you’ll see a big difference. The higher temp creates more steam, which puffs the top of the muffin and quickly sets it at the same time. The key is: after 6-7 minutes, lower the temperature back down. Continue Reading

The Merits of Muffins

The merits of muffins are mixed and many. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) Who doesn’t love a good muffin and cuppa-somethin’-hot in the morning?

I, for one, am a big fan of the breakfast meal in general, but don’t always have the appetite or the time to down eggs, toast and bacon. Sometimes you need a grab & go brekkie option and muffins are the answer in my book. Baking them myself means; they’re fresh, I can put whatever I want in them and I can freeze some for later snacking. What could be better?

There are different ways to go when considering the muffins you want to bake. Do you want something healthy—are you in a wheat and flax seed kind of mood? Are you a fruit muffin purist—gotta have blueberries or cranberries in there? Or are you craving something sweet like a chocolate chipper or coffee cake style? It doesn’t matter because there is something out there for each of these moods and needs. I’ll pass on recipes for all kinds this week. Today, we’ll tackle one of my favorites—a time-tested combo—Oatmeal-Banana with Chocolate Chips. Sorta desserty, sorta snacky, and heck, they’re fun for kids, too. And truthfully, I can’t help but start with something sweet. Continue Reading


Welcome to Kitchen Craft. I’m Kate and I’m thrilled to have you here visiting my blog. I’m excited to get started! Bear with me while I get things up and running here. I’ll be tweaking and refining as I go. But along the way I’ll be sharing lots of great recipes and ideas for how to enjoy your time in the kitchen. Let me tell you a bit about my vision for the blog.

Every week I’ll have a FoodFocus. This week we’re going to talk muffins. Next week it could be Mexican food or different granola recipes or what to do with artichokes. I’ll also be talking about kitchen gadgets and recipes that incorporate their usage. Finally, now and then I’ll be tackling those kitchen conundrums like, “What IS the difference between baking powder and baking soda, anyway?”

My intention is that this blog be for the food enthusiast! No formal food experience necessary, only a passion for eating and creating in the kitchen. I hope you will come back often and share your ideas as well!