Leave the Figs Alone!

I just grabbed the latest issue of Domino while out shopping yesterday. It’s a great magazine, though I have to say their idea of “tight-budget decorating” and my idea of the same are, well, separated by several hundred dollars. I’ll let you guess which way the scale goes…

At the end of the magazine is the food feature, this month on Fall Fruits. Great, I think. Let’s see some yummy stuff, I think.

And there they are, again. The figs. The figs stuffed with something and wrapped in something else: in this case, stuffed with mozzarella and wrapped in prosciutto. Those figs come around in every single Fall-Food-Feature, every year, and I keep hoping one day, one year, someone will decide Enough with the figs already. Leave the figs alone!

But no one ever does. They just keep stuffing something in (date, anyone?) and wrapping something around (grape leaf?) and taking a picture and actually writing down a recipe for this 3-step process as if no one knows what they’re talking about.

figs.jpgJust for kicks, I did a little fig search on Epicurious. The fig disease is there, too. We’ve got them stuffed with Gorgonzola (wrapped in prosciutto), wrapped in Phyllo (stuffed with prosciutto),  dolloped with yogurt, or yogurt and honey, or yogurt and raspberry sauce. We really like stuffing and dolloping figs.

I really like eating figs, straight off the tree, sticky-sweet, with a quick dusting off and then the blissful juicy ripeness bursting in my mouth. I grew up eating figs because my Granddad had two dozen prolific fig trees and we could never eat enough to eat them all. We carried buckets of figs to neighbors and friends, made fig preserves, and ate figs till we couldn’t eat no more. We never stuffed them or wrapped them or dolloped them, though. Maybe we should have. If my grandparents were still alive and tending those fig trees, I would enjoy nothing more than setting a cheese-stuffed, prosciutto-wrapped, grilled fig before them. I would just love to see their response. Maybe they would declare it the best use of figs known to man.

I don’t think so… but that’s just me.

 Image Credit: yomi955.