Leftovers: Pasta with Ham and Cheese

 Why do people hate leftovers? I love leftovers, especially when they are basic and waiting for some sort of creatively blissful union with the other leftovers. It becomes a completely new meal with almost no cooking effort. What, one little pan to wash up? For a hot, filling, “new” meal? Not bad at all. And eons better than that crust of bread with peanut butter you were contemplating…


 Heat up a bit of butter or olive oil in a pan big enough to accommodate your left-over pasta.


Toss in your pasta once the butter or oil is heated; stir it around a bit and let it warm up over medium-low heat. While the flames are doing their work, visit your refrigerator for available goodness that will be the perfect pasta match. In my case, I found half a package of smoked ham, deli sliced. Perfect. A few slices and dices later, I was tossing it in on top of my pasta.

p9160011.JPG See? There it is. Obviously the ham is not a vegetarian option; but then, I’m not a vegetarian. If you are, you probably won’t have ham in your refrigerator… Other great options (off the top of my head) would be chopped onions and/or green peppers, some leftover steamed broccoli, a handful of Greek olives, or capers and pine nuts… I’m getting hungry again. I wish I had more leftover pasta.


Continuing with the ham: toss it (or whatever you are using) around with the pasta until both are heated through, then quickly dump it into a bowl and top it with some cheese shavings. Eat it quickly before others in the house smell what’s cooking and demand their own.