Bubble Gum Juice–written by jamie

As promised in my last post–the secret recipe for Bubble Gum Juice.

It started simply enough. I said, “Hey Adam, what do you think would happen if we put just a little but of each kind of fountain soda into one cup?” We tried it and I took a sip… and it tasted like bubble gum. It tasted so much like bubble gum that we made a sign advertising “New Bubble Gum Juice!” and people actually began to buy it. In fact, it became the fad of the summer at the snack bar and by the time the bosses came back from their vacation, they couldn’t pull it from the menu because it was too popular! It makes me wonder… what creates that signature “bubble gum” flavor anyway? Turns out there’s a lot to know about bubble gum.

Bubble Gum Juice
2 Oz Ginger Ale
2 Oz Coca-Cola or Pepsi
2 Oz Sprite of 7-Up
2 Oz Root Beer
2 Oz Lemonade
2 Oz Dr. Pepper

Drink up!