Other Kitchen Crafters

My pregnancy is coming to a close and my daughter is due THIS WEEK! Because of this, I’ll be cutting back on my posts this month and next as I tend to the needs of my little newborn.  I plan to be back in the full swing of things in November.  But I won’t be gone completely! And I’ve called in some reinforcements.
My husband, Jamie and my sister-in-law, Erika will post to the blog as well.  This will be fun and interesting reading for you all, I think.
Erika is a definitely a foodie.  She and I have spent lots of time discussing food, recipes as well as whipping stuff up in the kitchen together. I know she’ll bring some fun ideas to the blog—and some tasty recipes, too.  What I love and appreciate about Erika is that she’s got a definite need for healthy food and she eats pretty cleanly.  However, she understands the place that sweets have and she’s got a major sweet tooth. . .and she’s not afraid to satisfy it.  And not with low-fat, low-taste “healthy” treats. When she goes for a treat, she uses the fat and the sugar that’s needed to make it right. You know what I mean?
My husband is a different story. He’s not what you call a foodie or a food person.  His palate is. . . simple, particular, and honestly he doesn’t really enjoy cooking. However, he does love to eat. I’ve asked him to write because I think he has a unique slant on food and his particularities are also quite humorous (like for the most part he only really enjoys beige food). Though he’s not real into food, he IS a writer.  And he’s got a unique and warm sense of humor—I think his opinion and input into a world he’s not as familiar with as some will make his posts interesting and a fun read.
I can’t wait to hear from both of them. Tune in with me and we’ll see what they come up with!