Heirloom Tomatoes–Why, O why can’t we have them all year?

Along with corn it’s definitely tomato time around here. I’m not much of a gardener, but even I grew some this season. All the people who know what they are doing (like the farmers at my CSA and the Farmer’s Market) tell me that this has been “a great year for tomatoes.” I have no idea what that means. I mean, I do in that I can see the great tomatoes and I’m eating them at record pace, but what makes this year different from any other for the tomato?b1tomato007.jpg

Maybe it’s just me. I expect a lot from my growers. I feel like, “Well, how hard can it be to recreate the magic?” We get sun, rain and heat every summer—isn’t that all ya need? And good soil, but that’s more controllable than weather. Yes, I know I am being a brat.

Well, like I said I have been eating mass quantities of the tomatoes this summer. And what I can’t eat becomes tomato sauce and stacked into the freezer for the winter. I’m a tomato snob. Bigtime. I won’t eat tomatoes at any other time of year. It’s just not worth it to me. The supermarket ones in winter, in my opinion, should not even be called tomatoes. It’s an insult to these summer beauties we have now. So, I MUST consume as much as I can now. And my favorite way is a tomato sandwich. Here’s the “recipe.”

“Let The Tomates Shine” Tomato Sandwich

2 slices of GOOD artisan bread
tomato, sliced thick
freshly ground salt and pepper

Slather your bread with the mayo. Layer the tomatoes on. Add salt and pepper to taste. Enjoy!

It couldn’t be simpler and I could eat them 24/7, personally. Now, if you wanna mix it up a bit, go ahead and add some pesto! Or, since basil is in abundance, you could even layer some it on like lettuce. Or maybe you’re feeling a little like a BLT. Have at it. Just remember, let the tomato be the star. It’s their one chance all year.

Now, on a different topic, I have to share this contest I came across. Check out inmamaskitchen.com for some great stuff—fabulous recipes and book reviews. They are also hosting a contest through December. Basically, you submit a recipe (your OWN recipe) and it’s judged based on several criteria:

The contest will be judged by In Mamas Kitchen on the basis of taste, appearance, imagination and overall culinary appeal of the recipe as well as organization and clarity of the materials submitted.

No entry fee or purchase necessary, however your recipe does become theirs, so think about what recipe you want to enter.

The grand prize is a whole big stack o’ food books. GREAT stuff for those who like to read about food—recipes and history as well as biographies of foodies.

Anyway, check it out here for the full details.