Dress up your greens

We have more salad greens than we know what to do with. The CSA farm we get our share from is abundant with them right now, so it’s always a challenge to keep salad interesting. My husband isn’t the most fruit and vegetable friendly, so if I want help using the greens, I have to be creative.
If it were up to the husband, we’d use bottled dressings most of the time. To him, it’s just easier. To me, it’s. . .not as fun or interesting. I can try new flavors, use herbs right from the garden and get fun bottles to store them in! I’m all over it. So, this week we’ll get into some great recipes, but today we’ll talk about some good tools for making dressings.

1. You gotta have a nice stainless steel mixing bowl. These are my 2 essential tools for mixing up a good salad concoction. Cooking.com offers one made by OXO that’s just perfect because it’s got an non-skid bottom that helps it grip onto your counter top making so much easier to whisk away. While it has a stainless interior, the exterior is white plastic, so your hands aren’t subject to the temperature of what’s inside. Nice! The 1.5 quart is only 10 bucks and totally a bargain.
2. And then there’s the bowl’s counterpart—the whisk, I recommend the 10” wscomjpg.jpgFrench Whisk from williams-sonoma.com. it’s the classic whisk, nothing fussy or fancy—just the right tool for the job. (And many others!) I’ve tried the plastic coated ones and while they are great for the tephlon pan situation, I just don’t like the way the feel as much when not needing to consider the tephlon. This one is $10 and again, well worth it.

3. You need something to put your concoctions into and here is a great little container. I use mineorganizedlivingcom.jpg all the time. It’s easy pouring and shaking with this bottle, and the best part. . .it’s got recipes right on the bottle, so if you’re looking for a no-brainer, you can just follow one of the recipes given and have a great, quick, no-mess dressing! $5 at organizedliving.com. They have tons of great stuff—I totally recommend checking Them out.

cooking_saladbowl.jpg4. And finally a great wooden salad bowl. I love this one from cooking.com. It’s not to deep, so it’s great for easy tossing. It’s handcrafted and high-quality. $60.

Tomorrow—onto the recipes!