The dish on pie dishes

If you are in need of something to bake one of these summer pies in, I have some ideas for you. There’s lots of options out there for pie dishes—many sizes, colors and shapes, even.  I’ve recommended here some basics. Good standard dishes that will serve up just about any pie recipews_pie_dish.jpg with style and ease.

The Emil Henry Pie Dish, 9” from Williams-sonoma, because you can’t really go wrong with Emil Henry—it could last you a lifetime if you don’t break it, like I pieplate.jpegdid mine. $38

Fluted Pie Plate from Crate and Barrel—a 10” for only 6 bucks. Sweet! But also probably not as durable as some.

I love to check out for handmade gifts. You can find just about anythingil_430xn5453999.jpg and it’ll be way hipper than what you’ll find elsewhere.  And you’ll be supporting an artist and that’s always a good thing. This is a sweet little pie dish for $59 that’s totally handmade and cute.

So, there you have some ideas of totally serviceable pie dish options. Go forth and bake!