Welcome to Kitchen Craft. I’m Kate and I’m thrilled to have you here visiting my blog. I’m excited to get started! Bear with me while I get things up and running here. I’ll be tweaking and refining as I go. But along the way I’ll be sharing lots of great recipes and ideas for how to enjoy your time in the kitchen. Let me tell you a bit about my vision for the blog.

Every week I’ll have a FoodFocus. This week we’re going to talk muffins. Next week it could be Mexican food or different granola recipes or what to do with artichokes. I’ll also be talking about kitchen gadgets and recipes that incorporate their usage. Finally, now and then I’ll be tackling those kitchen conundrums like, “What IS the difference between baking powder and baking soda, anyway?”

My intention is that this blog be for the food enthusiast! No formal food experience necessary, only a passion for eating and creating in the kitchen. I hope you will come back often and share your ideas as well!